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Our ApproachFlexible Solutions from FrankPKS NZ

At FrankPKS New Zealand the approach we take to our customers (and therefore our business in general) reflects the very nature of the raw material and manufacturing process that makes our operation possible.

This approach can be explained in five simple statements.

Shape the Future

Because of the nature of the high density polyethylene material we use to manufacture our product range we know that our products will last. The products we produce today will shape the future by providing excellent performance for our customers today and for the generations that follow.
So when we say 'shape the future' we are not thinking short term. We know the material will last and the design and manufacturing process used to build on that strength will provide great value for our customers well into the future.

Flex your Muscle

From flexibility comes strength. FrankPKS offer our customers a flexible approach to business. This can be seen in the way we can schedule our manufacturing to best meet construction programs and match development budgets.
Our products have the same flexibility, HDPE pipe is able to flex under load whilst maintaining overall integrity and remaining fully functional. The load on a pipe may change due to the settling of soil over time, increased exterior forces caused by increases in traffic loadings on roadways or the extreme short-term loads caused by events such as earthquakes. Because FrankPKS pipe can flex it will not break.

Move with the Times

Increases in population, changes in technology, environmental and climatic changes all combine to create an ever-changing world for our customers and therefore for FrankPKS as a business. Our design approach is always to treat every customer request as unique and this approach is made easier by the nature of high density polyethylene and our manufacturing process. Over the past 60 years Frank group have introduced a myriad of new products and concepts, including PKS profiled pipe construction, and PKS-THERMPIPE energy recovery pipe system. We will continue to recognise the challenges that face our customers and continue to move with the times in finding and presenting solutions.


Turn the Corner

There are always obstacles presenting themselves which cause you to alter your course. In practical terms this might be the need for special fittings to get a large capacity pipe under a river. A community may require their local government to change direction by building infrastructure that provide greater value. For a sewer system this could mean employing a pipe system that recovers energy from the waste water and surrounding soil. For a stormwater system this could be the use of detention tanks to temporarily store peak flows to prevent down stream flooding.
At FrankPKS our design skills and manufacturing process will make it easy for you to navigate around any corner - which is much better than being driven around the bend !

Bend the Rules

Innovation is a concept often spoken of, however many companies find it difficult to offer true innovation to their customers due to restriction in their manufacturing processes, their inability to listen to their customers requests and in some cases a simple lack of imagination. FrankPKS, like the rest of the companies in the Frank family worldwide, certainly don't lack imagination as can be witnessed in our photo gallery and by clicking here to visit the Frank GmbH website. Products and methods that seemed set in concrete in the recent past may not work for you tomorrow, so let’s bend the rules and allow our thinking to move outside the box - often that is where the best solutions will be found.

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