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In this section, all current PDF files on our products and services are made available. If you require more information on our applications, please contact FrankPKS New Zealand to discuss your needs.


PWS Solid Wall PE100 - Pipe Dimensions and Weights

PWS Pipe Chart (528Kb)

Profile Data Sheet - Pipes In PE100 Material

Pipes In PE100 Material (1439Kb)

Profile - Sewer Systems
An introduction to the FrankPKS profile pipe systems for sewer and wastewater applications.

Profile Sewer Systems (930Kb)

Profix - Stormwater Management System

Profix (476Kb)
Strong, flexible and easy to use, the FrankPKS PROFIX HDPE pipe system makes stormwater management future proof.

Static Loading Questionnaire

Questionnaire (4316Kb)
To provide assurance that the pipe that is chosen for each individual project is correct, FrankPKS enters the factors from the questionnaire to determine pipe strength for internal and external forces.

Technical Specifications - PE Electro-Fusion Fittings

Electrofusion (1568Kb)

Technical Specifications - PE Long Spigot Fittings

Long Spigot (2889Kb)

Technical Specifications - PE Short Spigot Fittings

Short Spigot (2002Kb)

Hydroclick flexible lining system

Hydroclick (662Kb)
An innovative polyethylene liner to extend the life of storage tanks and reservoirs. The PDF document contains technical and installation guidelines.


Suregrip (1535Kb)
An innovative polyethylene liner designed to extend the life of concrete pipes and concrete chambers.

TDC Storage chambers with hydrobrakes

TDC storage chambers (542Kb)
An alternative approach to managing stormwater flows during heavy rain events. A very good publication on solving a problem using innovative thinking.

GET – SYSTEM for geothermal heat extraction

Geothermal System (.pdf Format; 294Kb)

Frank PKS NZ Limited Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade

Terms of Trade (.pdf Format; 49Kb)

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