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The following are articles and media reports from selected media. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily those of FrankPKS New Zealand Limited.


Manufacturing Starts to Grow

The Press 15.02.2013

Manufacturing looks as if it is beginning to climb out of the doldrums, with Canterbury leading ...
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Chch pipe maker spends $3m to grow

The Press 10.10.2012


A Bromley manufacturer of large plastic pipes has more than doubled its capacity by buying a $3 million production line which will allow it to build pipes up to four metres in diameter.


Frank PKS makes high-density plastic pipes that can be used for sewerage and stormwater systems and have twice the lifespan of traditional concrete and cast- iron pipes.


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Pipes measure up for rebuild

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing magazine - July 2011


The February earthquake in Christchurch rendered the FrankPKS premises unusable, but the team knew their city would need their product for rehabilitation. So they packed their massive machines and moved. Sixty days later sewage, water and irrigation pipes were rolling off a new factory floor.


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