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Flexible Solutions from FrankPKS NZApplications and Benefits


The flexibility and versatility of FrankPKS systems and products means they have a wide range of applications and benefits across many infrastructure sectors:

  • Waste Water Systems and Manholes.
  • Storm Water Systems and Culverts.
  • Storage Tanks, Containers and Reservoirs.
  • Irrigation Systems.
  • HDPE Fittings and Accessories.
  • Geothermal
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Chemical Handling

Benefits of the FRANKPKS systems: 


Product range to suit your unique requirements

We have a wide range of pipes and manholes with diameter DN500 – DN2000 with the ability to source piping and material for manholes up to DN3500. We have the ability to manufacture a wide range of fittings, branches, bends and reductions for both the pipes and manholes. Conventional systems, by virtue of their design, are inflexible and very prescriptive which restricts design engineers in being innovative. Our tangential manholes provide many benefits over the conventional standard concrete manholes. Manholes of various shapes and sizes can be fabricated with special anti-slip material, integrated HDPE steps (or aluminium ladders) and lateral connections.



Reduced operating and maintenance costs - having a system which has a life expectancy of least 100 years; has low maintenance costs; can be easily extended or upgraded; provides cost benefits to both the council and the local rate payers. Concrete pipe materials often only have a limited life and have mechanical seals which require regular replacement and maintenance. Pipelines and manholes are an important economic factor and an important investment to councils. Welded, longlife high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe systems are inexpensive solutions for the future. 


Bright inspection friendly inner surfaces

At present our wastewater pipes are coloured bright yellow, stormwater bright blue and non critical applications black. These bright colours of the inner surface enhance the inspection of the piping making inspection easier and safer. 


Homogenous piping and joints

FrankPKS pipes suit a range of connections, depending on the application. The pipe ends are manufactured to suit individual customers needs - the choice is for either thermal (chemical) or mechanical joints. FrankPKS preference is for the integrated electrofusion method as it is simple and extremely effective as it provides 100% permanent tight joints. Each electrofused seal is individually tested and certified providing the customer with the assurance that each joint is leak proof. 


Pipe and manhole weight

Easy to handle means easy to install. Due to the weight and length of the pipes, considerable saving can be made on transport and reduction in the risk factors associated with handling of conventional concrete or GRP systems. Light in weight... Big on performance & easy to handle. 


Long laying length

FranksPKS pipes are available in 1 to 6m lengths – we are able to prefabricate pipes up to 18meters in length at the Christchurch factory. Conventional pipes and manholes have shorter dimensions and therefore need more connections and are more labour intensive taking longer to install than FrankPKS pipes and manholes. 


High flexibility

What bends does not break! Pipes not only have to have the right stiffness, needed for bearing the load of the soil and the traffic while installed. Pipes also suffer multiple strains during transport, storage, installation operation and cleaning. The FrankPKS profile pipes are designed to suit the engineering needs of the application. Under load conditions and sudden impact conditions FrankPKS pipes absorb the energy compared to rigid pipe systems which are likely to be damaged. 


Superior flow characteristics (roughness & hydraulics)

Being an extruded inner surface the pipe has a natural smooth finish with very low roughness which results in almost no accumulation on the pipe bottom. Low roughness has an important economic advantage as the maintenance expenditures are reduced to a minimum. This smooth inner surface provides the benefit of improved hydraulics resulting in smaller diameters pipes being required when compared to conventional pipe materials with the same flow rate. The hydraulic properties of HPDE pipes are considerably improved by the laying length, the number of pipe joints, free flow of design and fittings. 


Resistance to UV, abrasion, chemicals, microorganism and rodents

Pipes and manholes constructed with concrete will eventually fail if subjected to acidic, alkaline or hydrogen sulphide gas conditions as found both in the wastewater or the surrounding soil. The FrankPKS systems are resistant externally and internally to aggressive chemicals thus reducing the need to regularly replace pipes systems. FrankPKS systems have a high level of abrasion resistance which is important with an increase in solids being found in wastewater systems. FrankPKS systems have built in UV resistance making them safe to be stored outside without being damaged. Added to this HDPE contain no nutrients for bacteria, fungi and spores and are therefore resistant to microbial attack. The smooth round surface of pipes and manholes does not give the rodents sufficient hold to cause damage. 

Eco Value

Pipes and manholes made from HDPE are 100% recyclable thus reducing the need to remove them and dump them in landfill or for them to be left in the ground.

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